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A turnkey, tech-enabled solution to support your employees and other essential personnel during crisis.

What is Workforce Relief?

Workforce disaster relief programs provide a financial lifeline to employees, contractors and other essential personnel during times of crisis. When hardships strike, the people who power your organization can apply for cash grants that can be used to cover unexpected expenses, creating financial stability in uncertain times.

The journey of relief


A disaster or hardship occurs.


Work and life are unstable.


Individual applies for financial relief. 


E4E Relief grant specialist reviews.


Grant decision made based on program guidelines.


Funds distributed directly to applicant.

Workforce Relief in action

In June 2020, Cargill launched the company’s Employee Disaster Relief Fund in partnership with E4E Relief to support employees around the world during times of catastrophic or personal disaster. Learn how Cargill used the fund to deliver vital financial relief in the wake of Hurricane Ida. 

Create impact across your organization

Our research shows workforce disaster relief creates exponential impact across your organization, including boosts to productivity and engagement, individual well-being and loyalty.


Grant recipients who regained their financial stability


Recipients whose mental well-being improved after receiving a grant


Recipients who say their grant helped them maintain productivity at work 


Recipients who feel an increased desire to continue employment at their company 

The E4E Relief advantage

Our mobile-first Emergency Financial Relief solution is built on a powerful combination of human expertise and technological efficiency. Our state-of-the-art platform provides scalable, secure and reliable access for applicants, donors and clients. This enables our team of seasoned and committed relief advisors, grant specialists and relationship managers to meet the urgent needs of individuals and their families around the world.


  • Distinct & separate fund accounting
  • Interactive client dashboards
  • Allocated investment earnings


  • Expert program design consultation
  • Equitable third-party grant review & determination
  • Automated class verification options
  • Strict regulatory compliance 
  • Payment redundancy
E4E Portal Dashboard - Update Round Corners

Applicant Experience

  • Protection of personal data 
  • 24/7 global applicant support
  • Interpretive services offered in 200 languages
  • Native language translations


  • Leading industry insights & benchmarking
  • Advanced impact research & reporting
  • Client Connection Groups
  • Educational webinars & focus groups
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Support the mental health & well-being of your workforce

More than ever, companies need a compassionate solution to support the mental health and well-being of their workforce. That’s where E4E Relief comes in. We offer a powerful and inclusive solution, providing relief grants to help individuals cover the costs associated with emergency mental health and well-being treatments. Our programs empower employees to get the critical care they need when they need it most. 


The impact of Workforce Relief

Emergency disaster relief funds change lives, offering a safety net on the hardest days and allowing individuals to focus on family, work and recovery.

Hope for the holidays_finding relief
Finding relief in a time of tragedy and loss

“This program has been more than helpful; it has been the light in a dark tunnel that I felt my life was spiraling down into,”

Providing warmth during Southern Winter Storm Uri

“It was just a relief that I didn't have to incur any extra costs during this time.”

Client testimonials

“BlueCross NC partnered with E4E Relief 10 years ago to launch our employee relief program, Blue Assist. We are passionate about supporting our employees and intent on providing financial support when they may face crisis. We are proud of our continued success in this endeavor and look forward to continuing to show up for our colleagues when they need it most.”

BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina

“We are one team at H&M, and we believe in our people. Standing behind our colleagues and showing our support in all they do for us are among some of the ways H&M cares. We’re incredibly proud to partner with E4E Relief to launch the H&M One Team Fund, a helping hand for our colleagues who face difficult times and an opportunity for them to support each other along the way.” 

Chris Mikulski H&M Headshot
Chris Mikulski

Head of HR, Americas, H&M

“I must say that you and your team are amazing. It’s exactly why we picked you and why I am so fortunate to have a partner that is this caring.” 

Salesforce, Inc. 

How to set up Workforce Relief


Our advisors help you define who and what to cover.


Determine how to seed the program and commit to E4E Relief.


Our team builds your relief platform based on your parameters.


Encourage your workforce to donate and apply.

4 steps to get started

Our step-by-step disaster readiness guide

A billion-dollar disaster now occurs every 18 days in the U.S. alone (NOAA). Is your business ready for the next one? 

In our free Disaster Readiness Guide, we walk you through the steps to ensure your business is prepared for the worst.  Download the guide to get started today!

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