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What is Community Relief?

Your community is vital to the success and sustainability of your business. As a business, you have the power to support the individuals who make up your community during times of crisis.  

Community Relief programs allow you to provide charitable grants in the wake of disasters and hardships. It gives companies a direct line of impact to community members in need, helping them cover unexpected expenses and regain financial stability. It also solidifies your business as a valued and committed member of the community you serve.

The journey of relief


A disaster or hardship occurs.


Work and life are unstable.


Individual applies for financial relief.


E4E Relief grant specialist reviews.


Grant decision made based on program guidelines.


Funds distributed directly to applicant.

Why Community Relief matters 

Companies have long engaged in disaster philanthropy, offering donations of dollars and goods to support the recovery process in the communities they serve. These contributions are vital, particularly as extreme weather events are on the rise.

Now, many companies are looking at ways to impact the lives of individuals directly, by issuing emergency financial relief grants to those who have experienced disaster or hardship. It’s a powerful way to create immediate impact among those who call your community home.

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Did you know...

75% of Americans say it’s no longer acceptable for companies just to make money. They must positively impact society, as well. (Porter Novelli)


Community Relief in action:
Brave of Heart Fund

In 2020, New York Life and Cigna Foundations partnered with E4E Relief to design a program to support the families of healthcare workers who lost their lives to COVID-19. Together, we created the Brave of Heart Fund. Learn more about the impact of the Brave of Heart Fund here

Today, the Brave of Heart Fund continues to honor the hard work and sacrifice of healthcare workers and their families via scholarship funding for their spouses, domestic partners and children.

'E4E Relief quickly became the solid choice'

The Brave of Heart Fund represents a disaster relief response rooted in cooperation, innovation, hope and resilience. At its core, it honors the heroism and sacrifice of the front-line healthcare workers whose lives were lost to COVID-19 by providing charitable grants to their families. It also embodies the forward thinking of executives to fill a much-needed gap in the COVID-19 battle.

Emergency relief for tenants and residents

Emergency financial relief provides vital support to tenants and residents in the wake of crisis, offering a bridge for individuals experiencing an unexpected financial hardship. These grants help those in need cover the cost of basic necessities, including housing or assistance to cover damage to property during a disaster. They also increase morale and loyalty among your tenant population, making emergency financial relief an investment in your customers and your community. 


The E4E Relief advantage

Our mobile-first Emergency Financial Relief solution is built on a powerful combination of human expertise and technological efficiency. Our state-of-the-art platform allows individuals to apply for relief in a matter of minutes, empowering your organization to support the rebuilding and resiliency of your communities in the wake of hardships and disasters. Our team of relief advisors, grant specialists and relationship managers serve as an extension of your team, helping you make maximum impact in the communities you serve and ensuring your program will stand the test of time.


  • Distinct & separate fund accounting
  • Interactive client dashboards
  • Allocated investment earnings


  • Expert program design consultation
  • Equitable third-party grant review & determination
  • Automated class verification options
  • Strict regulatory compliance 
  • Payment redundancy
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Applicant Experience

  • Protection of personal data
  • 24/7 global applicant support
  • Interpretive services offered in 200 languages
  • Native language translations


  • Leading industry insights & benchmarking
  • Advanced impact research & reporting
  • Client Connection Groups
  • Educational webinars & focus groups
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Client Testimonials

“The Golf Emergency Relief Fund is designed to assist those who need our help right away. These associations and their respective members run the game locally across the country, and the players seeking to make a career at the highest level are at the heart of the dream. These are the people who are the backbone of making sure our game continues to thrive. Supporting them through this difficult time is not only the human thing, but it is also the smart thing to do to ensure our industry rebounds quickly.”

Seth Waugh_PGA_cropped
Seth Waugh

CEO, PGA of America

“At a time when our lives were turned upside down, working to create the Brave of Heart Fund provided us with a true sense of purpose. Knowing that we would be able to do what New York Life does best – provide financial security for people in their greatest time of need – gave us the motivation to allocate the funding, set up the verification team internally, engage our workforce and promote the Fund as widely as possible. That we were able to help more than 900 families is a testament to the humanity and efforts of our people and partners.”

Heather Nesle

President, New York Life Foundation

“As we’ve seen in the past, trying times bring out the best in us, as individuals and communities. Our nation’s healthcare workers and volunteers embody this every day, as they answer the call of duty with bravery and selflessness. We are proud partners with New York Life and E4E Relief in supporting the families of these American heroes who give so much while treating others. Through the Brave of Heart Fund, we seek to bring greater peace of mind to these families by helping to relieve the emotional and financial burdens they will face in the aftermath of this health crisis.”

David M. Cordani

Chairman and CEO, Cigna

The impact of Community Relief

Every day, we hear stories of how emergency financial relief has changed lives around the world.
Here are a few of our favorites.

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Providing support to front-line workers.

The Brave of Heart Fund has granted $52 million (and counting) to the families of healthcare workers lost to COVID-19.

Hope for the holidays - Ukraine
Finding relief in the heat of war

"From the bottom of my family’s heart, we would like to express our utmost gratitude for this grant.”

How to set up Community Relief


Our advisors help you define who and what to cover.


Determine how to seed the program and commit to E4E Relief.


Our team builds your relief platform based on your parameters.


Encourage your community to donate and apply.

4 steps to get started

Our step-by-step disaster readiness guide

A billion-dollar disaster now occurs every 18 days in the U.S. alone (NOAA). Is your business ready for the next one? 

In our free Disaster Readiness Guide, we walk you through the steps to ensure your business is prepared for the worst.  Download the guide to get started today!

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