Sustainable relief solutions to support your supply chain

Protect the vendors and suppliers essential to your business with our tech-enabled Emergency Financial Relief solution.

What is Supply Chain Relief?

People power every business, and while we often think of employees first among key stakeholders, the rest of your supply chain is critical to your everyday operations. Responsible companies understand the value of supporting key vendors when they need it most, and sustainable leaders are looking for solutions.

Supply Chain Relief programs provide a financial lifeline for the employees of your vendors and suppliers in the wake of disasters and hardships - one that creates an economic multiplier effect for your company and the community you call home. Our tech-enabled solution allows individuals to apply for charitable grants that can be used to cover unexpected personal expenses and help them regain financial stability in uncertain times. 

The journey of relief


A disaster or hardship occurs.


Work and life are unstable.


Individual applies for financial relief.


E4E Relief grant specialist reviews.


Grant decision made based on program guidelines.


Funds distributed directly to applicant.

Why Supply Chain Relief matters  

When you invest in building a sustainable supply chain, you support the success and profitability of your business. You mitigate the risk of supply chain disruption, and you strengthen the relationship between your business and key stakeholders.

E4E Relief offers a powerful way to increase the sustainability of your supply chain, empowering you to restore the financial stability of your supply chain’s workforce.

The result: increased productivity, engagement and loyalty among the people who power your business.

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Did you know...

49% of CEOs globally report they are dealing with supply chain disruption due to extreme weather events. (Accenture) 

The E4E Relief advantage

Our mobile-first Emergency Financial Relief solution is built on a powerful combination of human expertise and technological efficiency, creating a seamless and supportive experience for your vendors and suppliers around the world. Our state-of-the-art platform is scalable, secure and confidential, allowing individuals to apply for the relief they need while protecting their privacy and their dignity. Our team of seasoned and committed relief advisors, grant specialists and relationship managers are there to provide support every step of the way.


  • Distinct & separate fund accounting
  • Interactive client dashboards
  • Allocated investment earnings


  • Expert program design consultation
  • Equitable third-party grant review & determination
  • Automated class verification options
  • Strict regulatory compliance 
  • Payment redundancy
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Applicant Experience

  • Protection of personal data 
  • 24/7 global applicant support
  • Interpretive services offered in 200 languages
  • Native language translations

Impact Driven

  • Leading industry insights & benchmarking
  • Advanced impact research & reporting
  • Client Connection Groups
  • Educational webinars & focus groups
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How to set up Supply Chain Relief


Our advisors help you define who and what to cover.


Determine how to seed the program and commit to E4E Relief.


Our team builds your relief platform based on your parameters.


Encourage your workforce to donate and apply.

4 steps to get started

Our step-by-step disaster readiness guide

A billion-dollar disaster now occurs every 18 days in the U.S. alone (NOAA). Is your business ready for the next one? 

In our free Disaster Readiness Guide, we walk you through the steps to ensure your business is prepared for the worst.  Download the guide to get started today!

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