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Measuring and Reporting on Corporate Citizenship: The Opportunities Ahead

In collaboration with The Conference Board and True Impact, a recent report by E4E Relief indicates that only 50% of corporate citizenship executives are satisfied with their reporting efforts. Join industry leaders, including E4E Relief CEO Holly Welch Stubbing, in an upcoming discussion addressing the benefits, challenges and future trends in measuring and reporting on corporate citizenship and philanthropy. 

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Think you're making an impact? Now you can prove it

In today's world, making a meaningful impact on your workforce and community is more important than ever. In this webinar, E4E Relief's Holly Welch Stubbing is joined by  Jason Saul, Founder of Impact Genome impact measurement to explore how to convey the value of your social initiatives effectively.

Financial Well-being, DEI
Financial well-being: When one size does NOT fit all, it is time to innovate 

Unlock strategies for supporting the financial wellness of a diverse workforce with industry leaders: Yemi Rose (OfColor), Janet Stovall (NeuroLeadership Institute), Jeanette Torres (Ferrara Candy), and Davida Rivens (E4E Relief). Uncover strategies to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into your financial well-being initiatives for sustained success.

Disasters & DEI: How to offer equitable support to employees in need

E4E Relief’s Davida Rivens hosts an informational webinar on the unequal impact of natural disasters, the rocky road to recovery across racial and socioeconomic minorities, and how your organization can position itself to level the playing field.

Employee Well-Being
Best practices for workplace well-being | E4E Relief & RWI

E4E Relief CEO Holly Welch Stubbing interviews Returns on Wellbeing Institute co-founders Jim Purcell and Stephen Van Yoder on findings from the Workplace Wellness Best Practices Study.

Employee Well-Being
Investing in employee well-being pays off

Boost engagement and loyalty by prioritizing employee well-being. E4E Relief's Ashley Oster and Dion Beary discuss best practices and their impact on corporate goals in this FromDayOne workshop.

The metrics behind compassion: 2021 benchmarking webinar

The E4E Relief Customer Experience team dives into employee relief trends from 2021 and examines how disasters and hardships continue to create financial need for individuals throughout the world.

Employee Well-Being
Employee wellness through a CSR lens | E4E Relief, ACCP & YourCause

Learn how corporate social responsibility leaders can support employee well-being during disasters and hardships in this webinar by YourCause from Blackbaud and E4E Relief. With 89% of workers experiencing declines in well-being due to COVID-19, this discussion is crucial.

"Nudge the Good" in your company | E4E Relief & Realized Worth

Why do you donate your resources and time? Corporate citizenship meets the scientific method to answer this question in the Realized Worth Institute's Nudge the Good project.

Financial Well-Being
Empowering financially fragile employees | E4E Relief & ACCP

E4E Relief CEO Holly Welch Stubbing discusses first-of-its-kind research on the impact of relief grants on financially fragile employees. Gain insights on the positive effects on employees and businesses and learn more about E4E Relief's COVID-19 research.

Employee Relief
Building an effective employee relief program | E4E Relief & Truist

E4E Relief CEO Holly Welch Stubbing and Truist Foundation President Lynette Bell discuss their partnership in establishing an employee relief fund for basic life necessities during Covid-19 and beyond. 

Employee relief in response to COVID-19 | E4E Relief & YourCause

E4E Relief CEO Holly Welch Stubbing discusses employee relief programs and their benefits during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

Disaster readiness, relief & recovery | E4E Relief & CDP

E4E Relief CEO Holly Welch Stubbing and Center for Disaster Philanthropy VP Regine Webster discuss research on the impact of relief grants to individuals and opportunities for future disaster readiness and resilience.

Employee Well-Being
Taking a holistic approach to stress reduction | E4E Relief & FDO

E4E Relief's Ashley Wilson Oster joins a panel of CSR professionals to share E4E Relief's data on how employee relief programs can have a direct, positive impact on employee financial and emotional well-being.

International Relief
Relief Programs 101: International Emergency Financial Relief

 E4E Relief's Emergency Financial Relief Programs can empower your organization to respond to crisis in more than 120 countries worldwide. Learn how we vet employee applications and conduct due diligence, all while ensuring compliant practices and an excellent applicant experience.

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