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Our impact research tells a powerful story about what happens when companies support their people during disasters and hardships.

The impact of emergency financial relief: A triple
bottom line

Emergency financial relief programs are vital to corporate sustainability, resiliency and success in a world in which social responsibility has become a business imperative. And their impact doesn’t stop there. When businesses support individuals in need, it creates a ripple effect, generating maximum impact for individuals, organizations and the communities you serve.

The scope of impact

E4E Relief is invested in understanding the significant and meaningful impacts of emergency financial relief. Our industry-leading research quantifies what our team has experienced for over 20 years: Emergency financial relief is life-changing for your workforce, your business and the communities you call home. That impact stretches across a range of financial and social metrics that matter regardless of industry, geography, demographic or crisis. These insights are then integrated into business intelligence that provides your company with information about the outcomes your key stakeholders achieve through financial relief.



The impact on well-being

Financial well-being is a fundamental part of overall well-being, and for many, it's in jeopardy. This impacts how they show up in all aspects of life, including at work. Emergency financial relief offers a powerful solution: Our grants give individuals a way to navigate unexpected disasters and hardships by regaining financial stability and improving emotional health in the wake of crisis. 


Grant recipients who regained their financial stability


Recipients whose mental well-being improved after receiving a grant

Recipient testimonials

“This program has been more than helpful; it has been the light in a dark tunnel that I felt my life was spiraling down into. Just by simply helping my family become stable in the hard times of my adversity makes me want to cry tears of joy because I had no idea how I would have made it without the E4E Relief grant program. Thank you.”

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Grant Recipient

This grant meant so much to me. My husband and I have been very stressed out and worried. Not only did this help my mental health, but it put food on the table for my children. I am forever grateful. Thank you for offering this to employees.

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Grant Recipient

“I can't express enough how much I appreciate my employer offering this help and to everyone that has donated to help those in need. Times get hard for almost all of us, and it's nice to know we have somewhere to turn that isn't going to ultimately put us in a tougher situation or debt. Thank you for helping me regain stability and catch up on my bills after facing a lot of financial hardship that could have devastated my family without it.”

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Grant Recipient

The impact on engagement

Engagement is a key metric for companies of all sizes. Higher employee engagement translates to stronger customer loyalty and engagement, increased profitability, higher productivity and lower turnover. And yet companies are experiencing the lowest engagement rates in a decade. Emergency financial relief offers a solution to the engagement challenge: Our research shows 50% of grant recipients reported an increase in engagement at work after receiving a grant. 

Case Study: Cargill Cares

In June 2020, Cargill launched the company’s Employee Disaster Relief Fund in partnership with E4E Relief to support employees around the world during times of catastrophic or personal disaster. Now, Cargill has a global, centralized program for employees, businesses and external stakeholders to contribute funds and a fair and equitable solution for employees to receive immediate support in a time of need. The result is a workforce that celebrates Cargill as a company that goes “above and beyond” for the people who matter most to its business.  

The impact on productivity

Productivity is key to the success of every enterprise. It is also a challenge: Globally, companies lose $322 billion every year due to lost productivity (Gallup). Disasters and hardships put the productivity of your workforce at greater risk, as individuals in need shift their attention to the important work of recovering from crisis. Emergency financial relief grants mitigate this risk, helping individuals maintain productivity in the wake of disaster or hardship.

Did you know...

74% of grant recipients say their grant helped them maintain productivity at work.

The impact on retention

Turnover is one of the biggest challenges companies face, costing more than $1 trillion every year in the U.S. alone (Gallup). An emergency financial relief program is an important part of an organization’s overarching people policy, helping to increase loyalty, positive perception of the company and retention over time.


Grant recipients who feel an increased desire to continue employment at their company 


Grant recipients who have a more positive perception of their company 

Recipient testimonials

"Every time there is a hurricane and a business has to close down for a couple of days, employees, who are often living paycheck-to-paycheck, lose their scheduled hours and income and have to incur additional expenses for hurricane preparedness. The stress that comes with this is terrible, and this is the first time in my life I've felt like somebody understands. This grant was a ray of light."

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Grant Recipient

It helped immensely to get us back into a place to live. We were literally having to live within our car for a few nights until the grant allowed us to get moved into the apartment we currently reside in. I cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for the company offering assistance. Thank you.

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Grant Recipient

The grant program lets me feel confident in my employer. [I am] forever grateful for all my employer has done not only for me but for my family.”

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Grant Recipient

This is emergency financial relief in action

Nothing drives us more than the stories of individual impact we hear each and every day. Here are a few of our favorite stories of relief in action.

nurse rawpixel-id-2328098-800px
"I can’t abandon my residents and staff"

The Brave of Heart Fund has provided $52 million (and counting) to families of healthcare workers lost to COVID-19.

Providing relief during Winter Storm Uri

“[It’s a relief] any time you don't have to carry the financial burden of something that was already very difficult."

single mom battling Covid-19
"Helpless’ and out of options, then relief"

"Thank you for helping me regain stability and catch up on my bills after facing a lot of financial hardship that could have devastated my family without it.” 

Finding relief in a time of tragedy and loss

“Just by simply helping my family become stable in the hard times of my adversity makes me want to cry tears of joy because I had no idea how I would have made it without the E4E Relief grant program.” 

Our step-by-step disaster readiness guide

A billion-dollar disaster now occurs every 18 days in the U.S. alone (NOAA). Is your business ready for the next one? 

In our free Disaster Readiness Guide, we walk you through the steps to ensure your business is prepared for the worst.  Download the guide to get started today!

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