Sabrina Hall

VP, Human Resources

Sabrina joined E4E Relief in 2023, the latest step in a career marked by ingenuity, persistence and a commitment to hard work. With nearly two decades in the field of human resources, Sabrina has become not only an HR expert but also a mentor and educator, helping to shape the next generation of people-focused professionals across a variety of industries.

Sabrina has worked for a variety of organizations over the course of her career. Most recently, she led the human resources department of Cormetech, a large environmental services organization based in North Carolina. There, she spearheaded the company’s COVID response efforts, managing everything from quarantines to communications to corporate policies. She also helped shepherd the organization through the complexities of multiple mergers. During this time, she also received her MBA from Gardner-Webb University, where she now serves as an adjunct professor, as well as a member of the executive advisory board of the Searight PACE board, which oversees a program that provides students with resources to excel in their careers and their lives.

Sabrina has multiple professional certifications and is part of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM) executive network. She is married with two young children, an older child and several grandkids.

Fun fact

While Sabrina built a career in HR, she also built a photography business. She has photographed just about everything, from proms and weddings to portraits and commercial work, and her work has been published in the Wall Street Journal and can be found on Fine Art America.

Why E4E Relief

“The difference that you make here, it’s such a major impact. You are touching people’s lives in the hardest times, and to give them that relief, right then and there, is amazing. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to be a part of it.”