James Kiser


Jamie is an attorney with more than 25 years of corporate and private sector legal experience. A native of Charlotte, he attended both Davidson College and the University of North Carolina School of Law at Chapel Hill before embarking on a career, first in private practice and then serving global organizations with tens of thousands of employees. He spent more than 17 years at Rexam PLC, a publicly traded, London-based global consumer beverage and plastic packaging manufacturer, serving as Assistant General Counsel and lead U.S. attorney for several business sectors of the company. Most recently, Jamie was the Vice President and Assistant General Counsel for Ball Corporation, a Colorado-based Fortune 500 global packaging and aerospace company, with primary responsibility for transitioning Rexam's legal, environmental and regulatory matters after Ball Corporation's acquisition of Rexam PLC.

Jamie joined E4E Relief early in 2022. After a career in the for-profit world, he was drawn to the opportunity to work with a "phenomenal and talented group of people" and to support the mission of our organization. In his role, he serves as our chief legal advisor, managing risk, compliance and corporate governance across our organization.


Words to live by

"Do not judge me by my success. Judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again."
― Nelson Mandela


Fun fact

Jamie once played golf with NBA superstar (and fellow Davidson alum) Steph Curry. "This was shortly after he finished his second year as a pro and was well on his way to establishing himself as a great NBA player," Jamie recalls. The All-Star even asked to try playing with one of Jamie's clubs - an unusual flat-faced driver. Steph gave it a few swings but couldn't manage to connect, spraying balls right and left. "He's a fantastic golfer, one of the best with whom I've ever played, but he couldn't hit this club," Jamie recalls. "Now I can say I've got a club in my bag that Steph Curry couldn't hit."