Derek Johnson


Derek came to E4E Relief after a diverse and impressive career that has included positions at some of the most well-known companies in the world. A graduate of West Point, he first spent time as an officer in the U.S. Army, which gave him the opportunity to live in Texas, Germany and Washington. After eight years of service, Derek transitioned to corporate America, where he embarked on a career in operations beginning at General Mills. Derek's sincere work ethic combined with a willingness to improve difficult situations and projects has opened many doors. From GM, his resume reads like a veritable who's who of corporate giants, with stints at Pillsbury, Pepsi, Dell, United Technologies, Pratt & Whitney and Lockheed Martin.

When he learned about the opportunity at E4E Relief, Derek was instantly drawn to the mission and the organization, and he dove right in, leading our operations team through one of the biggest disaster events in our history: Hurricane Ian, which struck Florida and the Southeastern United States in fall of 2022.

Derek and his wife have a son and two daughters. When he's not hard at work at E4E Relief, you can find him engaged in a number of activities and hobbies. He's an avid chess player and loves Sudoku, photography and videography almost as much as he loves biking, lifting weights and running.

Words to live by

"People may not always believe what you say, but they will never doubt what you do."