Allyson Colaco

VP & Director, Customer Success

Never one to shy away from an opportunity, or a challenge, Allyson has pursued many paths in her career – from finance director to event manager, volunteer and board manager to director of development, executive search consultant to director of operations. These experiences took her to an opera company, a political campaign committee, Georgetown University, and crisis and community relations work. 

 Through all these roles, a desire to serve others could not be overlooked. In her formative years, Allyson volunteered alongside her family at a nursing home, a local arts center and the Jewish Community Center. Throughout college at American University in Washington, D.C., Allyson continued her philanthropic pursuits while working with local nonprofits. In earning her MBA from Georgetown University, she developed a passion for corporate social responsibility, which is, in part, what led her to E4E Relief and her role as vice president of customer and applicant experience.  

“At E4E Relief, we partner with companies that seek to support employees during the most tiring of personal times. We strategically and compassionately consider avenues through which our clients can deliver relief to employees,” Allyson says. “It is so motivating to know that organizations seek to help employees feel cared for during times when they may otherwise feel alone.”   

Words to live by

“To give a gift to others is to give a gift to yourself.” – A frequently quoted mantra by Allyson’s grandfather whenever he reminded her about the importance of community service. 

Fun fact

Allyson and her husband have fostered 55 dogs; all have found a loving forever home, much to the relief of their rescue pup, Carter.